Volution-2 Rearing System


• Two-tier system
• Partitions in the length and width inside the system
• Feeding and drinking lines are on every level
• One or multiple rows of rearing system
• Excellent overview and easy inspection


• Adjustable height of platforms and drinking lines inside the system
• Double sliding doors allow easy access and provide secure confinement of the pullets
• Expandable perch helps birds to access the upper tier
• Movable perch inside the system makes jumping to an outer perch easier• Pullets quickly learn how to jump and move around the system
• Pullets are optimally prepared to use aviary systems
• Quick and easy bird handling

Stages of Operation

• During the first weeks, pullets are kept inside the two tiers of the system with the sliding doors closed. As the pullets grow, the platforms and drinking lines inside the system are gradually raised. The pullets quickly learn how to jump and move around the system.
• After a couple of weeks, the sliding doors are opened to let pullets use the floor surface between the rows. Since pullets already know how to move around the system they easily find their way back into the system at night. The area underneath the rows is closed off with foldable wire mesh fences. A perch is expanded outwards so that the birds can jump to the second tier.
• A few weeks later, the wire mesh fences underneath the system are opened, allowing the hens to use the entire surface of the house, including underneath the system rows.