Vike Aviary System


• Multiple configurations and system widths available for optimal poultry house layout
• Low height ensures fit in existing houses with lower ceilings and allows a complete overview
• Optimal movement of hens through the poultry house
• Compliant with KAT and EU regulations

Volito Valego Integrated Nests

• Rack-Drive (RDE) or Moveable-Floor (MFE) Expulsion systems
• Quick and easy assembly with smart Click & Fix system
• Walls and roofs from durable film-faced plywood
• Self-cleaning AstroTurf® nest pads
• Egg belt options: 1 x 19.7-inches (500-mm) or 2 x 9.8-inches (250-mm)

Aviary system that provides outstanding results

• Excellent overview and easy inspection
• Integrated Volito Valego Nests


• VIKE-2
2 manure belt tiers and 1 nest tier
Width: 71.9, 82.3, 102.8 inches (1825, 2090, 2610 mm)
• VIKE-5
2 manure belt tiers and 1 nest tier
Upper tier 71.9 inches (1825 mm) and lower tier 102.8 inches (2610 mm) in step configuration