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55″ BlueFan – Direct Drive



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56″ Reversing Agrifan



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DirectAire Gravity Inlet


360° Gravity Inlet



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DirectAire Recessed Curved Inlet

Varieties include:

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DirectAire Stir Fan


Varieties include:



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Volito™ – Valego Nest System

Features include:

    • High-Quality Materials
    • Valego Accessories
  • Valego RDE-58 Nest System (Flat Top)
  • Valego RDE-58 Nest System (A Top)
  • Valego MFE Nest System

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Volito™ – Vike Aviary System

Features include:

  • Volito Valego Integrated Nests
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Low Height Ensures Fit In Existing Houses

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Volito™ – Flooring & Accessories

Features include:

  • Plastic Slats
  • Hardwood Slats
  • Slant Floor
  • Volito A-Perch

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Volito™ – Volution-2 Rearing System

Features include:

  • Two-Tier Layout
  • Adjustable Height
  • Quick & Easy Bird Handling
  • Multiple Operation Stages
  • Double Sliding Doors

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Volito™ – Valego Accessories

Features include:

  • Valego Drive Unit
  • Valego Drive Unit with Egg Collection Table
  • Valego Frequency Converter & Emergency Stop
  • Valego Egg Elevator
  • Valego Egg Belt Return Unit
  • Valego Control Unit

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Silos/Feed Bins

Chore-Time’s feed bins are available in a range of sizes and constructed of corrugated galvanized steel with double caulked seams. Features include:

  • High-capacity 40° roof for complete filling
  • HYDROSHIELD Weather Guard® to prevent rain problems in the boot area
  • ACCESS PLUS® door for easy clean out
  • SPRING_LOCK® lid for convenience
  • Transparent bin transitions for clear visibility
  • Shaker-Plate® Material Flow Control for trouble-free mass flow
  • Can be combined with CHORE-TRONICS® Feed Inventory System

Rigid Augers and FLEX-AUGER


The FLEX-AUGER® System’s simple, high-quality, fully-enclosed auger moves feed up, down, on-the-level, or around corners. The tubing is made of specially-compounded PVC, which makes it resistant to ultraviolet light and resistant to wear. For some abrasive free-flowing feeds like those used in egg production, fill systems with steel tubing are available. The FLEX-AUGER® Feed Delivery System is available in a variety of capacities for use in a wide variety of feeding applications.

A direct drive unit (motor and gearhead) rotates the coreless auger. A variety of hopper level and drop tube switches are available to regulate feed delivery. Optional time clock and programmable controls are also available.

Feeders and Feeder Lines

REVOLUTIONBroilerFeeder_size6001_size600In the 1950s, Chore-Time dared to offer broiler producers an innovative choice – the round pan feeder – as a better alternative to chain feeders. It turned out to be the right choice because pans are now the industry standard. As an industry leader, Chore-Time now offers a wide choice of many different pan feeders.

logo-1Chore-Time’s proven feeding systems get birds off to a good start, minimize wasted feed, and provide birds of all ages with consistent, comfortable access to fresh feed.


Relia_FlowNippleDrinker_4_size600Chore-Time’s RELIA-FLOW®and STEADI-FLOW® drinkers feature precision-machined stainless steel parts for long life and consistent, reliable flow for broilers, breeders and turkey poults.logo-1

logo-2drinker-ziggityZiggity manufactures a wide range of poultry drinkers with proven results in the field. You’ll get extra peace of mind knowing your watering system carriers a 10-year prorated warranty from the only company in the world that focuses exclusively on watering systems for poultry.

House Controllers

Maximize performance using field-proven CHORE-TRONICS® controls and software to control, monitor, and analyze every aspect of your bird’s environment.


  • Vivid color in a huge finger-friendly display
  • Intuitive touch screen navigation (with USB mouse navigation option)
  • Robust, expandable platform
  • Designed to easily add future functionality
  • Fully integrated ceiling inlet control and bird scale control
  • Up to 16 controlling sensors
  • External USB port for data collection and transfer
  • The control accessories include means of improving scheduling for bird harvest and feed delivery, verifying fan operation and backing up temperature curves.

Air Mixers

The ELITURBO® is an air mixer that can vertically and horizontally even out the temperature and humidity in large environments and reduce energy cost needed for their heating by up to 30%.

ELITURBO® employs a special patented impeller that generates the complete mixing of the air currents of the environment.  Unlike other fans, the ELITURBO®, does not direct the air flow downwards and in concentrated  narrow ranges, but distributes the air in a radial manner. 


Click on image to see a video of the fan in action

Alpha Notify

Alpha Notify is a yearly subscription service that provides a simply and more economical way to monitor for a power outage.
When activate, Alpha Notify will send a text, email or voice message to the recipients you choose.  No need for a central base station, LAN or wireless router, the product is connected right out of the box and ready to communicate.  The Alpha Notify unit (pictured above) is provided at no cost with the initial subscription payment, followed by an annual fee every year thereafter.  The battery in one Alpha Notify lasts approximately 5 to 7 years.

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Fans and Shutters

Chore_TimeEnduraFan_size600From the simplest to the most complex ventilation system, advanced CHORE-TIME® ventilation products will meet your needs for power, natural, or tunnel ventilation. High performance durable fiberglass fans are available in 48- and 52-inch diameters with CFMs to 27,700 and CFMs/Watt to 20.8 at 0.10 static pressure. Galvanized fans are available in 48-, 52- and 54-inch diameters in high-capacity and energy-efficient models with CFMs to 28,900 and CFMs/watt to 22.0 at 0.10 static pressure.logo-1Chore-Time’s new 57 inch Energy-Efficient ENDURA® Fan could save 14% or more in energy costs compared to Chore-Time’s own great-performing 54-inch High-Capacity Fan, often while using the same number of fans!HYFLO® Shutters improve fan performance by minimizing obstructions during fan operation. They deliver up to 10% more air than traditional shutters.

Evaporative Cooling

Turbo_CoolSystem_size600logo-1Chore-Time’s TURBO-COOL® evaporative cooling system features:

  • Heavy-duty polypropylene one-piece trough without seems or joints
  • Unique two-inch water pipe enabling uniform water distribution
  • Open top for easy monitoring and maintenance
  • Reinforced sump tank with drain plug can be mounted at end or middle of system
  • Pads are easy to remove for cleaning

Turbo_CoolSystem_size600logo-1At Alpha we keep a variety of different sizes of Munter’s cool cells in stock for immediate delivery.

Tunnel Doors


Chore-Time’s tunnel doors generate cyclonic air movement as incoming cold air is directed away from the birds until it has mixed with house air. This gentle turbulence prevents dead zones from forming at the side and end walls. The composite structure of the doors is eight times more insulating than a curtain and the wall-mounted soft-seals compress to create a tight seal even in cold temperatures.

Air Inlets

CT-2097-201203CurvedInlet.inddChore-Time’s curved air inlets maintain greater air velocity delivering 70% more air than conventional inlets. Incoming air is directed upwards towards the center of the house drawing building air from the sides of the house. The greater velocity from the curved louvers reduces the number of inlets needed by half!
The solid, all plastic doors will not rust and corrode and the opening has cushioned top and sides to seal against air leakage.
TopJetAtticInlet_V2V0526_size600_1__size600 Chore-Time’s Gravity-Operated Topjet Attic Inlet supplements sidewall inlets to provide an automatic supply of tempered air during the early stages of minimum ventilation.

Curtain Systems

Alpha offers a wide range of strong and durable Polylite® or vinyl curtain systems.

Radiant Brooders and Space Heaters

QUADRATHERM_V1L8976F_size600Alpha offers a complete line of Chore-Time Quadradiant® Heaters, Brooders and Space Heaters with outputs ranging from 23,000 to 250,000 BTUs. These robust and reliable heaters include patented features that provide efficient heat distribution whilst allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.logo-1The Generation 2 Quadratherm® Heater uses fuel more efficiently by converting more of the thermal capacity of the gas to infrared heat and transferring more of that heat to the floor.Alpha also offers a range of LB White Infraconic® Brooders which provide a broader comfort zone with even heat distribution with a saving of up to 40% on fuel costs.

logo-4LB White’s Forced air Heaters offer an efficient direct-fired design combined with a range of heat outputs, ignition configurations and installation options.

Linear Lift Systems, Winches and Pulleys

Chore-Time’s LINEAR-LIFT™ winch provides power to operate poultry house curtains, tunnel doors or other applications.


Chore-Time’s reliable, heavy-duty strap winch operates inlets, tunnel doors and curtains smoothly and quietly. The compact unit has a capacity of 2,000 pounds with six feet of travel and is easily installed on a wall or ceiling.


Alpha provides a range of winches from small hand winches to heavy duty power winches.

Motors and Gearboxes

FlexaugerPowerunit_size600Alpha supplies a comprehensive range of electric motors and gearboxes compatible with the Chore-Time FLEX-AUGER® System.

Nesting Systems

Chore_Time_Premia_laying_nests_Web_size600logo-1Chore-Time’s Premia™ Community Nest System for Broiler Breeders includes a patented expeller system to gently encourage the birds from the nests at the end of the day. The unique mat structure has minimal egg contact so the eggs remain clean and the hinged top allows for easy inspection.

Egg Collection

Chore-Time’s Ultra-Lift® XL Egg Collection System insures a safe trip for the egg all the way from the hen to the cross conveyor.



Patz Belt Conveyorsconveyors move material with adjustable incline, decline or in a straight-line. Features include quiet operation, durable construction and convenient adjustment for belt tension and tracking

Manure Drying and Handling System

DryingChore-Time’s Manure Drying (MD™) System creates marketable manure in a matter of days with the air you are already moving. The modular construction enables optimal capacity adjustment and a single dryer can handle the manure from 200,000 birds at an operating cost much lower than an air tube drying system. Chore-Time’s pelletizer can be added for further processing.


IncineratorDSCN4495ct_size600Chore-Time’s Agricultural Incinerators are available in capacities from 200 to 850lbs and with a burn rate of 45 to 90 lbs/hour. Rapid incineration means low fuel consumption and a thick refractory lining retains heat and increases efficiency.

Bale Choppers

BaleChoppersAlpha offers the full range of Patz Bale Choppers suitable for hay, straw, alfalfa, shelled corn, newspaper, etc. Choose from portable, stationary with or without blower units and 3-point hitch with blower units. Patz products are known for their simple design and for providing years of dependable service.

Steel Buildings


In 2012 Alpha’s office and warehouse moved to larger premises. We were so impressed with the quality and value of our new Varco Pruden steel building that we started offering them to our customers. Varco Pruden uses superior design to reduce cost and patented features result in energy-savings and a more comfortable environment. The high quality coating ensures long-term performance and protection. Why not pay us a visit at Alpha and see for yourself?