AgriShift® Controllers

Master Controller                                                   Slave Dimmer


Manual or remotely controlled smooth dimming solutions. Improves animal welfare and production by allowing more flexible control of lighting.  Slave Dimmer is used alongside the Master Controller


Output Current: 8 A
Output Power: 1000W max per channel
Operating Voltage: 120V AC (not universal) / 60 Hz
Safety Rating: ETL Listed, Conforms to UL Std. 508A

Slave Dimmer Analog Input: 0 – 10V DC input resistance: 13k
Slave Dimmer Analog Output: 0 – 10V DC source maximum load: 10mA


    • schedule up to 500 days divided into 20 periods
    • transition time available for daylight simulation
    • fully automatic control or manual options
    • asymmetric program capability
    • incremental dimming
    • precise and consistent

Technical Data

Format: Master Controller Slave Dimmer
SKU: 380-30-014-00178-L123 380-30-014-00179-L123
Dimensions 8.7″ X 10.6″ X 5.5″

221mm X .269mm X 139mm

Voltage: 120 V (Master Controller available in 240V)
Operating Temperature: 32°F to 104°F / 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: 5°F to 122°F / -15°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity: 5 to 90% without condensation
Max Recommend Fixtures/ Channel @ 120V AgriShift®
TLL (3.5W)
AgriShift® MLM-B (8W) 125
AgriShift® TLUS (8W) 100
AgriShift® MLM-B (10W) 100
AgriShift® MLM-G (10W) 100

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